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For your perusal: eight books, each one with a special higher purpose, each one a special gift to those who order and receive them. James Anthony Ellis has made these unavailable on or at any large bookstore. All eight are also available via Kindle. See the drop-down menu at top of this page under Products – Books for details. Or click on the book image below to order.

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“Huh? The Joys, Sorrows and Comic Relief of Miscommunication” is a satirical view on this silly thing we call “communication.” This is a lighthearted yet biting look at the mishaps, misfires and blunders we experience as we attempt to send and receive messages in this modern age. This hands-on “how-to” manual outlines the various “miscommunication” techniques in interpersonal relationships, as readers are guided to laugh at themselves and the errors of their ways. In the end, however, the laughs turn to touching moments as the author uncovers the true intention of all of our words and e-mails and texts and tweets: a desperate yet endearing need to connect with one another.



“Morning Musings” gives the reader a chance to take a moment each day to ponder a musing in order to expand their mind a bit, and reflect on their own inner thoughts. A great chance to take a break, daily, from the hamster wheel of the outer world and take a brief journey to a broader and more expansive view. Examples: November 9 = Curiosity is the cure for all fights. October 5 = I like watching the news – it makes me feel better about reality. April 14 = In a successful marriage, the two are considerate of the other … the “other” being the relationship. January 15 = Do not thank me for what I do that you see as uplifting and helpful. Do not thank me. Join me.


“The Honor Book” is a book about men, written for men. Inspired by the men of MDI (Mentor, Discover, Inspire) – an international men’s organization committed to successful families, careers and communities – this poignant yet lighthearted book, written by a leader within MDI, takes a deep and revealing look into the topic of honor, integrity, rights of passage, and the evolution men must make into a healthy and powerful adulthood for the betterment of our society, nation and humanity.


Do you want to go home? To that free place of joy, peace and unity? Well, follow the “Breadcrumbs” along the path. These 101 poems are sectioned off into categories of:
  • The Artist’s Path
  • Freedom For All
  • Heartbreak & Humanity
  • Motherhood, Women & the Feminine
  • The Ark of Peace
  • Love Poems
  • Family & Friends
  • Healing & Inspiration
  • In Memoriam
Each includes a brief introduction by the author, so readers are privy as to the purpose of each piece of prose.  Each touches the soul, the heart and all those secret places within, in order to guide you to that higher place. Enjoy the journey.

A collection of real-life stories and true-to-life prose, “Tears” is a deeply revealing book about feelings, emotions and the emotional life. It’s about the full expression of life, the full spectrum of life, the depth, the fire, the resistance … and then … the surrender. Originally published November 1996, the book’s poems and prose reveal the real heartbreaks and breakthroughs in the life of the author: the family dynamics, the romantic loves and losses, and the joys of a life lived fully. In the end, this collection is a celebration of it all.

“Life Traveler; So Far” is about life’s lessons … those incidences and circumstances often intricate, consuming and somewhat upsetting in nature which trigger deeper thoughts and reflections, which in turn trigger deeper feelings and emotions, which then trigger even deeper stuff. It can all get quite complex, this thing we’re calling life. Life is really poetry in motion. It has this flowing, interconnected quality to it, spun quite like a spider’s web with people, places and events all in elaborate alignment with each other. Somehow. Someway. It can be quite poetic the way these experiences weave in and out of each other, as each of life’s players make the right dips, twirls and moves that manifest the needed circumstances so the right lessons can come at the right time. The choreography is clear. Often we can’t always see this dance since our view is so cluttered with emotional turbulence, clouded perceptions and disconcerted attitudes. But the poetry is there; it’s all around us, all throughout us. Actually, it is us. We are the dancers, and we are the dance. Within “Life Traveler; So Far” you will find a few of the little sayings, “points of light” and snippets of life that the author has gathered throughout his journey so far. The snippets are short and sweet vignettes: true to life, personal, poetic and testimonies of a lesson learned. The “points of light” and sayings are simply little ideas that sprang into a mind ready to receive them and … for the sake of this book … share them.

 “Preparing for the Best” by James Anthony Ellis is a non-fiction survival guide, a source for prediction and prophecy and an inspiration for new frontiers for a world in transition. This is a book on the changing times, the evolving planet, and the transforming people. The year was 1992, and everyone the author knew (and Nostradamus) was predicting that the proverbial Armageddon – if not the rapture and end times – was upon us. Ellis felt this overwhelming need to at least communicate to friends, contacts and colleagues the information he was being given – via interviews, research and word of mouth. It was all about being prepared in case there were any Earth changes or challenging times. Well, perhaps the Earth didn’t tilt on its access (yet), but the world sure has turned upside down in case you haven’t noticed. As a boy scout says, it’s good to “be prepared.” Read this book just in case you ever need to have the sort of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual center to withstand any Earth or life changes.


“Starting Point” is a back-to-basics non-fiction book outlines – in a grounded and approachable manner – the higher-minded lessons of metaphysics, psychic phenomena and the sacred. Leading the reader into a deeper understanding of the upcoming Golden Age of spiritual awakening, well-organized chapters include topics on all that is metaphysical. Originally published July 1989; this fourth printing is for an audience ready to open its heart, mind and soul. “Starting Point” guides the beginner and the expert on topics ranging from Creation to the Afterlife, from Angels to UFOs, from Higher Minds to Higher Planes. It is all here for the searcher knowing there is more out there (and in there) than meets the eye. It’s for you who wish to go beyond the limiting physical senses to reach the level of soul and spirit.