For a Father

From a Little Soldier in 29 Palms


A leader, a mentor, a warrior, a friend
A role model on which I could always depend
This patriarch – so fearless, so masculine, so strong
Embracing me in relationship where I will always belong
I thank him for his leadership, his care, and curiosity
His lessons of selflessness, honor, and humility
He taught strength, perseverance, and the value of family
How to be vulnerable, compassionate, truthful … always happily
I’d learn to stand up for myself and for what I believe
Walking my talk – revealing what you get is what you see
A legacy of which I shall always carry on
So proud to be his little soldier in 29 Palms

He was born in the Bronx in 1938
Growing up with hard working parents in the New York state
College Alabama Tide, a bachelor’s accounting degree
For 23 years, a successful officer in the USMC
Two tours in Nam, Civil Air Patrol, Silent Drill Team
A computer wiz with a Masters from American University
The legacies of Camille, Noelani and Marc
Getting three kids through college, it was merely the start

The memories are rich, no matter younger or older
My first was in 29 Palms where I would be his little soldier
Supporting me with Scouts, Little League and Pop Warner
As I pursued a life of music, he was always in my corner
The Senators and Redskins, watching two local teams
Hiking to the top of the volcano Mauna Kea
Traveling through life in California, Virginia, and DC
The beautiful black sand beaches of tropical Hawaii
Canada’s Bugaboo Mountains, playing racquetball with me
Present at my son’s birth, I would become a father the same age as he

So what do I love about this father of mine?
A sense of commitment, a choice to be kind
Yet a willingness to say “Fuck you” when timing was right
His gut, his stubbornness – to fight the honorable fight
If there’s anything to say that hasn’t been said
It’s straight from the heart and not from the head
Personal ownership of my life is the gift he gave to me
So that I would learn to become … and always be
A mentor, a father, a warrior who will always carry on
And his little soldier in 29 Palms