Welcome my friends. Welcome to your life.
The fullest expression of your life.
From that deepest place within you.Happy person

It all started with a … breath.

Where would we be without our breath – that connection of inhale and exhale that brings us oxygen and the gift of life? We can go weeks without water, longer without food. But only moments without oxygen and our life-force. That connection to our life-force can be one of shallowness or fullness. It is our choice. Reflected in our breath, our life is either fulfilling and powerful or one diminished by fears, guilt, shame, grief and anger. Breathwork reinstates a deep, full breath that returns to us all the power and vitality that is our own birthright.

Welcome to your life. Welcome my friends.

~ Jim Ellis, Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Ordained Minister

About BreathWork

Since 1990, Jim Ellis has been a facilitator of “Breathwork:” a modern healing technique that brings in a conscious, connected breath to take you into a deeper, yet heightened, state of awareness. In this state, you release outdated belief patterns so that you can experience the direct connection with the “Light” and your True Self… joyous, loving, peaceful, free.

With its origins in the ancient Indian practice of “pranayama,” breathwork has taken on various forms in the modern era – such as rebirthing, halotropic breathwork, transformational breath and the like. Rebirthing, founded by Leonard Orr in the early 1970s, used the deep breath to help trigger and resolve any birth traumas so that participants could live a life free from any negative patterns which originated in those first moments after birth. Today, the breathwork process is used by millions to bring about peace of mind, and to move through any unwanted emotions, burdens and barriers that block their full expression of joy, happiness and bliss.

Breathwork “Rebirthing” Sessions Usher You Into the Light


  • Confidentiality held – nothing shared here leaves here
  • A non-denominational prayer/intention sets the tone for the highest healing
  • A sharing process allows one to settle in and connect with others and themselves at a deeper level
  • The actual process has one laying down on a mat or blanket, eyes closed, with guiding music playing
  • Participant uses the specific breath technique to take him or her into an altered state of consciousness, where the ego moves aside and the Higher Self can guide one into the most healed and enlightened state.



  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring a pillow and a blanket or yoga mat
  • Bring bottled water
  • Do not use mind-altering drugs or alcohol 12 hours prior to a session
  • Do not eat a heavy meal prior to your session
  • Journal or watch your thoughts / feelings as the day approaches for your session


  • Experience a committed time for personal growth in a sacred, safe and light-filled environment
  • Transformational inner cleansing ~ freedom from limiting emotions and thoughts
  • Deep relaxation and peace, a welcome break from the stresses of the world
  • An opening to hear the voice of a true self ~ The Illuminated Higher Self
  • A lighter feeling in mind, body, spirit
  • Peace of mind
  • Connection to the good in your life
  • Connection to those around you in your life
  • Forgiveness for what has transpired – from you or to you
  • An embracing of the past and future so you can love fully the present
  • A more acute awareness of your needs, sometimes including needs for good food and water
  • More oxygen flow to the brain so thinking is clearer, memory is keener
  • An open heart
  • A flowing life
  • A desire to jump into life full force, not holding back the greatness that you are and the greatness perceived all around you




    The benefit of a group setting is the collective energy and synergy of a group that can really uplift a space.
    Plus a shared experience can also bring compassion and empathy that normally isn’t received elsewhere.
    And finally, a group setting can help offset the cost of a session, as privates normally cost more.
  • Group Rebirth Logistics
    If you have a group of friends or colleagues, use the Contact Page to schedule a time and date either at your location or at the Sun Temple Gardens in Lemon Grove, CA.
    The benefit of a private setting is the focused attention given to the one doing the process, as opposed to a group session where the attention is split between the various participants. Also some people like the privacy and confidentiality of a one-on-one, without feeling distracted by the process of others. A private session also involves time for one-on-one support which can include forgiveness work and – if one chooses it – an intuitive reading before the session.
  • Private Session Logistics
    If you are interested in a private session, use the Contact Page to schedule a time and date either at your location or at the Sun Temple Gardens in Lemon Grove, CA.