Video Production

Video Production


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Jim Ellis picked up a camera in September 2004 to help honor a friend who passed away. After a decade of filmmaking, his body of higher purpose work is inspiring, uplifting, transcendent. His promotional work for businesses and non-profit organizations is impeccable, thorough and professional. He offers his filming and editing services to the public.



  • Business Promotional DVDs – Promotions / Introductions for a business’ website or for DVD distribution. Can be loaded on YouTube
  • Documentaries – Poignant presentations for topics of higher purpose, created with journalistic styling
  • Special Events – Documentation of weddings, ceremonies, special events
  • LifeTimes– a professionally sculpted “This Is Your Life” with a journalistic life-story article, scanned-in photos, video footage, music background, narrative prose, and quotes from friends, siblings, coworkers and loved ones. A perfect anniversary, birthday or holiday gift, LifeTimes encapsulates and celebrates a life in a way that truly honors that someone special in your life.
  • Legacy Memorials – Memorial presentations for a respectful funeral service.



  • Digitally recording in High Definition
  • Scanning and retouching of photos with Photoshop
  • Uploading of old VHS footage
  • Video Editing
  • Creative use of titles, music and narration background
  • Deliverable DVD or digital movie / slide show / website files
  • Vimeo or YouTube Uploading



  • Using Panasonic AG-HVX200A camera
  • Sennheiser wireless microphones
  • Lowel Lights – 3-point lighting (2 500w, 1 100w L-light)
  • Smooth fluid-head tripod for clean and clear panning shots
  • Editing on Final Cut Pro
  • Output using DVD Studio Pro