The Honor Book


This is a book about men, written for men. Inspired by the men of MDI (Mentor, Discover, Inspire) – an international men’s organization committed to successful families, careers and communities – this poignant yet lighthearted book, written by a leader within MDI, takes a deep and revealing look into the topic of honor, integrity, rights of passage, and the evolution men must make into a healthy and powerful adulthood for the betterment of our society, nation and humanity.

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What Others are Saying About “The Honor Book”
  • “Awesome – gripping read. I feel connected to the words and the truth of your story / our story / my story.”   ~ Jeff D.
  • “I took the plunge and bought a copy. Let me tell you, I believe this should be required reading for all men. POWERFUL!”    ~ Russell S.
  • “It’s really good.”   ~ Bill O.
  • “What did I get from this book? POWER! Jim Ellis takes the reader on a journey inside of himself to discover where he is falling short and with that discovery propel his life for the betterment of humanity. If you want to know what really separates the men from the boys… Read this book. If you want to step up your game and be more powerful in relationships, work, and personal goals… Read this book five times.”  ~ Dan B.
  • “This book is simple, honest and powerful. I have read it multiple times not just to remember the parts that I forgot, but to drop myself back into my context in life. Even just a few pages on an airplane gets me focused. While it is inspiring, the book has something real to offer beyond the initial emotional epiphany moment. It offers a way of being and a path that does not require inspirational moments to achieve character and success.”  ~ Robert K.