Poetry Portraits – A Gift of a Lifetime

Customized Poems For Special Loved Ones – Mother’s Day Special

Poetry Portraits are pieces of art sculpted by award-winning writer James Anthony Ellis. Yet this art is not created out of clay, or ink and canvas, but rather words of poetry. It’s as if you are hiring an artist to paint a portrait of your loved one, only this portrait is in the form of poetry, with sentiments that come directly from you. If you have a loved one who is having a birthday, or if you are celebrating an anniversary … and you are simply tired of all the worn-out ideas for special gifts … then a Poetry Portrait is for you.

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“I am crying, this is so good!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited about giving her this. I’m really really excited. It’s awesome. I haven’t been this excited about a gift in … ever I think.”     – Todd Sorbo


Lori and Todd – poetry in motion.

“Thank you Jim Ellis… this is a masterpiece that will always be treasured. Best gift ever!”  – Lori Sorbo

“I read the revision today on the job. It’s f*&%ing awesome. U really are talented aren’t you? Thanks my brother. She saw it 10 minutes ago. Called me almost crying. Thumbs up.”   – Tim Litchfield

“Jim Ellis is an artist, let’s make that point clear. He has this rare gift with his deep intuitive understanding for another person. His penchant for writing let me know the quality of his empathy for my experience, that his level of compassionate understanding of me is deep. His writing rang so true for me, that he wrote from MY point of view and expressed my feelings for others better than I certainly can. His ability to articulate from a deep and emotionally significant place is astonishing.”   – Justin LaBarge

“If you’d like a very unique gift to give to a loved one, consider a Poetry Portrait from James Anthony Ellis at Legacy Productions. Jim takes time to find out the details about the subject and puts his creative skills to work to come up with a wonderful item that is a “perfect” gift. I got one for my wife of 34 years for Valentine’s Day and she loves it. The gift went over so well and is so treasured that I’m going to give my daughter one for her birthday. If you want to give a gift that is treasured for years to come, make it a Prose Portrait from Legacy Productions!”   – Jack Rutledge

Jen and Jim,
“I am blown away. I have never received such an incredible gift … ever. Coming from my incredible daughter makes it all that more important. I am in tears and very emotional. I can’t wait until morning when I can show this to everyone. I think this is an amazing idea and people are crazy if they don’t take advantage of this. This is a real gift, not candy, full of sugar to kill you and flowers that are half dead the day they arrive. Mine is framed in a very special location when you enter the front door. Bless you both.”   – Love, Dad

Aloha Ellis

“That poem is unbelievable. The more I read it, the more beautiful it becomes. It touches so many parts and times of our lives. I don’t believe I could honor my mother in a better way. It really talks to the great person and mother she is.  I still can’t read it without crying. People who can get these and don’t are crazy.”  – Willy Holt


Willy Holt’s mother holding “Always There”

“Thanks for this Ellis. I wanted you to know this was a huge hit today. I appreciate the hard work and creativity that you brought to bear to make this special.”     – Wes Lavender

“You definitely have a beautiful gift. I read the prose and tears came to my eyes. I love it so much. I think it’s perfect. I read it like five times. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to give it to my sisters. I am going to bring it to my father’s memorial so his entire family can read it.”     – Janel McCarthy

“Wow emotional! I just got done reading your poem, and it’s the best. I think it’s freaking amazing, and I totally love it. They are going to cry … like i did when I read it. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it, and you’ve done your homework. Thanks so much. You ROCK.”    – Wendy Lange

“I presented the prose gift with my siblings and the kids; we all were involved. It couldn’t have been better. Awesome. Not a dry eye in the house.”  – Steve Klein




Surprise your father, mother, daughter, son, husband, wife, city council member, anyone, with a customized piece of poetry written with your sentiments by an award-winning writer.

  1. You know you love your loved one.
  2. You realize you have run out of ideas for them.
  3. You acknowledge the bland and uninspired store cards have all been sifted through enough.
  4. You desire to do something special to capture the care, connection and love.
  5. You contact award-winning author James Anthony Ellis.
  6. You set up a time to share a number of great memories of your loved one in an interview.
  7. You send Jim three to six pictures of your loved one, and send payment through Paypal.
  8. Receive, within three days, a customized poem laid out on a PDF document with pictures and prose.
  9. Print and frame the poem in an impeccable manner.
  10. Gift your loved ones. Make their day.
For the parents out there – another option is to have your children relate stories of their mother or father, and gift them for a special occasion. A gift from their own children.


    LINK  – Jack Rutledge gift for his wife Colleen for Valentine’s Day.
    LINK – A piece of prose written for Jennifer by her dog Hennessy (Yes, it’s true)
    LINK – From the children of Wes Lavender, Davis and Kendall, to their mother
    LINK – For Willy Holt’s mother, as told by Willy to Jim.

Willy Holt’s mother’s response:

1. Basic – 1 page – A previously penned poem by James Anthony Ellis, briefly customized for your special person, designed onto a PDF with pictures chosen by you.
2. Delux – 1 page – A poem created from scratch with sweet sentiments along one theme, designed impeccably with pictures chosen by you, sent in a PDF file.
3. Premium – 2 – 3 pages – An epic piece with as many memories that can be brought forth. Designed impeccably on a PDF sent to you, and placed on a webpage for easy URL link.

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