Legacy Pieces


You will have within your possession memories captured forever, life stories that can be rekindled throughout the ages, a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation…


  • “Family Portrait” mini-documentaries
  • Filmed interviews from friends, siblings, coworkers and loved ones
  • Capturing the true-life stories and legacy testimonials of our elders, our wise ones, our veterans of previous wars
  • A professionally sculpted “This Is Your Life” with a journalistic styling
  • Scanned-in photos, video footage, music background, narrative prose
  • All delivered on DVD or an Internet link



  •  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs captured forever!
  •  Customized editing using music of your choice




  •  Moving presentations for a retrospective memorial
  •  DVD video and slide show to be used at a respectful funeral service



  1. Memorial for Steve – HERE
  2. Memorial for Vivian  – HERE
  3. “Shores of Avalon” – Music Video – HERE 
  4. “Hennessy – The Greatest Dog on the Planet” –  Poetry Piece – HERE
  5. “Recipe for a Nice Breakfast” – Short Play – HERE



I asked Jim for help when a dear friend of mine was murdered. My friend left two children behind, and I wanted something to memorialize my friend’s life. Jim made a DVD with music, photos, and video interviews. The production was outstanding. Jim made just the right blend of emotion, truth and fun. This is something that I’ll cherish forever, and I’m sure Dave’s family and friends will too.
– Rick Ammon

Jim Ellis is a rare individual who is able to combine his knowledge as an accomplished videographer with his heart and soul. The end result is a powerful visual statement that transcends the mind and speaks directly to your heart and soul.
– Azim N. Khamisa, World Renowned Speaker and Author

Wow, what a production! I cannot wait for another project where I can once again call upon Jim’s creative genius.
– Lauren Bovet, President, Classic Productions

Jim was able to eloquently capture Russ’ life in pictures and song. It put the service over the top.
– Willy Holt

Jim’s gift comes from his ability to listen, and from that his creativity hits you at your core.
– Matt Garcia

Jim’s effort on my mom’s memorial video gave me and my mom’s close friends and family a beautiful lasting memory of her on DVD as well as took much need time off my hands to focus on the many needs that come with a parents passing. Thank you Jim.
– Glenn Minteer