It’s How She Lives Her Life

High energy, adventurous, resilient and healthy
A yoga-mama – artistic, hip, creative and feisty
An independent spirit, overcoming challenges with dignity
Consistently doing what she says she’ll do – with integrity
Not distracted by how others think that she should be
She marches to the beat of her own drum … free
Her spunk, her tenacity, a role model at all times
A great cook, resourceful, understanding and kind
Giving to those less fortunate in the Mexico communities
Committed to her organic garden, the environment and her family
Always on time, you can count on her to do what is right
It’s what she does; it’s who she is; it’s how she lives her life

Born and raised in San Diego, along with Larry, her brother
She attended Hoover High, then followed a path like no other
An entrepreneurial businesswoman – various creative ventures
Glass stones, “Weeds N Things,” Emerald Forest – all adventures
Living life large, watching grandkids grow, life moves on
A 2O-plus year relationship with the one known as “Papa Don”
Biking, running, scuba diving – she does it all right
It’s the way she has held herself; it’s how she has lived her life

So much so, the memories arise when we take the time to recall…
Finger painting, art classes in the garage, a phone booth in the hall
Patent leather wallpaper, a bathroom’s rainbow, a pink and orange canopy
Kerri painting her room any darn color she wanted it to be
Paper flowers in the oven, ice cube candles – easier than it seems
Birthday cake in the shape of an elephant, Jell-O made with sour cream
Holidays spent together, the vacation trips, the great meal plans
Installing rain barrels and a shower bucket to collect water for the plants
Special outfits for the New York trip to see Matt’s Bar Mitzvah
Su Casa in La Jolla, Anthony’s “Star of the Sea” room with Nana and Grandpa
Trips to Ocotillo Wells in the van, dirt biking with the Denett family
East Coast with Risa, Benay, Randi, Matt, Aunt Loretta & Uncle Lenny
Lemoran Avenue in Downey, near Cowles Mountain was Bashan Lake
Also all those years on Yerba Anita near San Diego State
And so here today, we’d just like to say “I love you” for raising us just right
And thank you for what you’ve done … who you are … and how you live your life