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Legacy Productions writes the words you have in mind but not on paper.

Could it be time to write your story? With my simple and tested organization and writing process, I can walk you through the easy step-by-step process so you can have your book in approximately three months. Your effort will mostly come from a consultation call and then answering specific questions via e-mail or live interview. It’s time.

Allow another to get the words right for you. Sometimes, you are over-committed; sometimes the words do not flow; sometimes you just don’t want to do it. But you know having your voice out in the public eye is vital. Legacy Productions can take your notes, your interview or even a voicemail and turn it into a column or book chapter. The entire self-forgiveness chapter in Azim Khamisa’s book “From Fulfillment to Peace” was received in rough note form in a telephone conversation while Azim took a train from LA to San Diego.

Ghostwriting covers the arenas of books, newsletters, social media, blogs, posts and articles for magazines and newspapers.

For ghostwriting for books, see further details at Book Publishing.