For Fred Culberson
From Marc
On Father’s Day


My heartfelt appreciation I wish now to send
I your Marcus, you my Freddy and friend
No place to end, where would I ever start?
Except “Thank you … from the bottom of my heart”
For being so calm, in control and sound
A physically fit man with both feet on the ground
For being loving and thoughtful and generous and giving
A fearless leader and decision maker, always making a living
At once compassionate and vulnerable, this is you
Yet also courageous, strong and competitive – ah, this too
Thank you for taking such amazing care of my mother
In humility, service, acceptance and patience, you’re present for others
You embraced the extended family, making us all your own
An awesome grandfather, you made sure everyone felt at home
You taught me loyalty, commitment, stability and leadership
Authenticity, flexibility, unconditional love and friendship

An only child, born to loving parents, your success soared so high
You graduated Naval Academy and then took off to the American skies
Our first introduction was awkward yet real – quite an interesting affair
A fiercely competitive tennis player, you always put your best out there
Playing with Dominic and Beau – with the swords or in the pool
Showing up to help Dom pack after graduation – man, so cool
Supportive at Beau’s high school and college ceremony – if just to say hi
Present at Camille’s funeral, you helped us in saying goodbye
My marriage to Wendy – at the glider port then off to our place downtown
Sky Diving! Merry Christmas! Glad to finally kiss the ground
Hester family reunions in Red Rock, every year at the end of July
You continually offer love and support, never needing a reason why

Yes, for your listening, your truth, your easy-going presence
For your revealing, and consideration and your dynamic essence
At once reliable and steady and all that makes a man strong
Then caring and human and inclusive – so we could all get along
For all this and more, through eternity, beginning right at the start
I must say … thank you … from the bottom of my heart