Sweet Mackenzie

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with elegance and grace

she speaks of the disgrace

the loss of “who I am”

the masks of who we’ve been

with truth and honesty

she plants the seed of purity

the spark that leads to flame

no longer carrying the shame

she cares not how long it took

she is, as always, an open book

since 18, working hard to free

“something devastatingly wrong with me”


nothing Ritalin, coke or drugs could cure

to carry on – wanting something sure

needing others to say she’s OK, a church without a steeple

finding out … hurt people hurt people

a missing father figure in a physical form

untreated narcissism, substance abuse – a perfect storm

they were mad at her for telling what he did

protecting the perpetrator, keeping it all hid

a victim silenced, don’t say anything

high on arrival … becomes hopeful healing

the realization she is her mother’s daughter, no less

she need not identify with the ugly and the darkness

she could choose who she is to be

finding the identity of the one … “it’s me”

no longer desperate to be believed

not needing someone to be furious at … now relieved

forgiveness isn’t about cosigning, nor about not being pissed

it’s reclaiming the you that you’ve dearly missed


with joy, light, elegance and grace

she speaks of a past disgrace

the retrieval of “who I really am”

the release of what has never been

the spark that ignites the highest flame

no one will ever be the same

it matters not how long it takes

the book and the door is open, for all our sake

since a child, she has worked hard to set free

the one heart, the one soul … sweet Mackenzie

Keeping the Peace for the Peace Keepers

Keeping the Peace for the Peace Keepers

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To help ease the post-traumatic stress that may haunt local police officers’ dreams and waking life, Lemon Grove resident and filmmaker James Anthony Ellis has taken on a project to document some of those traumatic triggers as well offer pathways of support.

A 30-minute educational film – titled “Keeping the Peace” – will be gifted to police agencies across San Diego and then the nation for in-house training of officers. The purpose? To bring awareness to the stresses and traumas experienced by officers and law enforcement personnel while on duty in order to empower them to normalize their emotional and mental responses to on-the-job experiences and to take action in alleviating, diffusing and treating the symptoms of trauma (PTSD), so that they can retain wellness in all areas of their lives.

Today’s stats can be grim:

  • According to Officer.com, there are an estimated 150,000 officers who have symptoms of Post Traumatice Stress Injuries (PTSI). Recent research indicates that 1/3 of active-duty and retired officers suffer from post-traumatic stress, with some unaware of this condition.
  • Badge of Life Organization states law enforcement officers are 1.5 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. With over 100 suicides per year – the #1 one killer of police officers is … law enforcement suicide.
  • According to researcher and therapist Beverly J. Anderson: “More than any other occupation, law enforcement is an emotionally and physically dangerous job. Police officers continuously face the effects of murder, violence, rape, child abuse, accidents and disasters. Long hours, rotating shifts and constant exposure to tragedy exacts a heavy toll on police officers and their families.”

Says Ellis, who is presently fundraising to complete the film, “Police protect us from the dark side of life and must cope with the unimaginable. This film guides them to address emotional trauma they face. The police are there for us. Let’s be there for them.”

Donations can be made though the Chuffed crowd-funding platform from May 1 through May 31.

Ellis took on this project after the success of his previous documentary “Indoctrinated; The Grooming of our Children into Prostitution” garnered so much attention and created large-scale positive impact. After viewing “Indoctrinated” at a 2017 screening, Sergeant Matthew Blumenthal of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told Ellis he wanted to show that film to everyone in his human trafficking department. This inspired Ellis to consider other types of documentaries that could serve in a like manner.

Said Ellis, “No matter your impression of officers, these are human beings who need to be in sound mind, steady emotion and physical balance. We need them to be at their best.”

Ellis says he understands there exists a conflict for police officers who may fear appearing weak and unsuitable for a job if they ask for help in dealing with emotionally wounding experiences. But he believes the time is right for caring for the plights of these officers.

A steady supporter of the film, Sergeant Katherine Lynch of the La Mesa Police Department Training Unit, said, “For too long, officers have suffered in silence. We can no longer afford to ignore the effects of critical incidents on the men and women who wear the badge. Until the day comes when we no longer lose a single officer to suicide, we have a tremendous amount of work to do and any tool in our toolbox can help us save a life.”

If Ellis has his way, the officers will know the responses to trauma are normal, and realize reaching out for support is completely understandable. His list of purposes for the film include:

  • For officers to receive the clear message that they do have options in dealing with the stresses, and they can retain wellness in all areas of their lives.
  • To ensure retiring officers are given back to their families as healthy citizens: emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
  • To see a cultural shift, as officers are seen as humans needing the same sort of support we all need.
  • To see an industry shift, where officers know it’s safe to receive the support they desperately need but may not feel free to ask for.
  • To support a vision of peace officers who truly keep the peace, for themselves, our neighborhoods, and our society.

Ellis has already gathered a list of 40 potential interviews, along with the verbal support of the San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan.

Funds that are raised will go towards three months of production costs, to include: equipment rental, pre-production research, the production of outlining the film and filming the footage, and the post-production of editing, adding music, titles, and disseminating the film where it can be of best use.

Said Maxine Lynch, Past President of the California Peer Support Association, “Having a training film such as ‘Keeping the Peace’ available will absolutely help us educate the people in the departments who will need to know about and need to utilize peer support systems.”

Those wishing to support this campaign can click HERE.



rainbow-in-sky-hd-desktop-wallpaper-hd-wallpaperA GRATEFUL BREATH

A Thanksgiving Gathering For The Open Heart

  • $45 – Regular price
  • $35 – Special price for two when you bring a friend.




Or E-mail for information:



Come take a breather in one of the most powerful modalities of healing ever given to humankind.

What’s below the masks we wear to hide ourselves from others? What is underneath the fear that imagines the worst? What is beyond the painful past? Us! Taking a cue from upcoming Halloween, come discover our original face under the masks we pretend is our identity. Meet yourself at the depths: The True Self, The Pure Mind, illumined, free, expressing and seeing only truth and love.

All in our kick-off session with an EXPANDED time-frame in a NEW large space. Plenty of breathing room!


Following a successful special event “A Deeper Breath” in October, the space is now clear for a special November session dedicated to Thanksgiving and gratitude. With the stresses of the holidays approaching, with potential triggers around the family dinner table, it’s important to be as clear and centered as possible. Come join in community of like-minded hearts, to anchor in your truest, purest self.



Sunday, November 19, 2017
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Om Center for Spiritual Living
7951 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942
It’s important everyone attending knows to RSVP through JimEllis1103@Yahoo.com, so we have a headcount and can best plan for this special event.  



“Breathwork” – a modern healing technique thathas participants use conscious, connected breaths to take them into a deeper, yet heightened, state of awareness. In this state of depth, you release outdated belief patterns and pain so that you can experience the direct connection with the “Light” and your True Self … joyous, loving, peaceful, free.


  1. $35 if you RSVP by Sunday, November 12.
  2. $45 afterwards and at door if space is available.


  • E-mail JimEllis1103@yahoo.com or call (858) 518-5826 by November 12.
  • Open to first registered 15 people.
  • Details of specific notes and what to bring will be sent to you once registration is complete.
“Jim’s breathwork sessions were the very beginning of my breaking out of old patterns and surrendering to all that I can be. His ability to hold a safe frame and be fully present for all that arises creates a unique opportunity for each individual to fully experience themselves and their unfolding opportunities.”  – T.G.
“Thanks for your support and very effective facilitation yesterday, Jim.  Great session in many ways!  I really appreciated your authentic energy, your intro interview process, and the way you held such safe space during the session. I celebrate the breakthrough and look forward to further contact in the future.”  – D.M.
“Your love and light totally creates a sacred space. I look forward to breathing again with you.”  – J.N.

* Experience a committed time for personal growth in a sacred, safe and light-filled environment
* Transformational inner cleansing ~ freedom from limiting emotions and thoughts
* Deep relaxation and peace, a welcome break from the stresses of the worldOur-deepest-fear-2
* An opening to hear the voice of a true self ~ The Illuminated Higher Self
* A lighter feeling in mind, body, spirit
* Peace of mind