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Author James Anthony Ellis’ dedication said it all: “Dedicated to words, which saved my life.”

The prolific Ellis’ new book Breadcrumbs: Poems & Prose Designed to Lead You Home (CreateSpace 2012) – a collection of 101 poems written over the last 20 years – is published with the author’s expressed intention to lead readers to a state of freedom, love and joy. In a word, Ellis wants to lead readers “home,” a state of mind he has searched for an entire life.
The title “Breadcrumbs” was taken from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, referring to the breadcrumbs that Hansel leaves on a trail in order for both he and Gretel to find their way home out of the dangerous woods. “Breadcrumbs” includes poems separated into chapters such as “Love Poems,” “Heartbreak and Humanity” and “Freedom.” They range in style and theme, from the first poem Ellis wrote at the age of 10 called “The Clock of My Life” to a poem he wrote in October 2011 called “He was One of our Own” in honor of a friend who passed away.
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What Others are Saying About “Breadcrumbs”
  • “A glimpse into the mind of a profound thinker, richly expressed through his passion for prose.”   – Matthew G.
  • “I continue to be both touched and astounded. I easily feel the depth and breadth of where the words take me emotionally. These are not mere breadcrumbs … almost every poem, if I allow myself to linger a little, is a full meal … nourishing and satisfying.”     – Daken S.
  • “The words are so expressive, moving, and at the same time simple and crystal clear. They open my heart, reach into my soul – make me laugh, feel, cry without any fear. What a gift!”      – Alannah S.
  • “Authentic, intriguing, and sometimes humorous, Jim has a gift for weaving his life stories into poems and prose we can all relate to. Then, suddenly before you know it, you’ve been led straight into the heart of the matter! A deep diver, taking us through waters sometimes we don’t want to go! Celebrate, love, and cry! Jim has a gift, and I recommend this book to be on everyone’s shelf!”       – Jen M.
  • When I got your book “Breadcrumbs” you wrote on it something to the nature of “read it on your own pace and in your own time” sort of a thing, and here I am reading it and enjoying every line after a year or so of having it. It truly is both deep and diverse.   Mithaq K.