About Legacy Productions


Founded in October 2000 by Jim Ellis and the late Christiane Covington for the purpose of creating a short film “Legacies,” Legacy Productions has grown to encompass the many more creative endeavors of its founders and associates.


The purpose of Legacy Productions is to produce higher purpose media in all its varied forms: films, documentaries, theater, personal growth events, marketing materials, social media networking … all in support of a vision of personal and communal enrichment, a spiritually awakened humanity, and successful and healed relationships, so that a legacy left behind holds the commitment, care and responsibility that builds a strong foundation for us all.

We all can make a difference, and bring in a positive change to those for which we carry influence – friends, organizations, community, society, humanity. Legacy Productions chooses to use creativity, the wonder of the artist’s path, and the many forms of media to help bring about that positive change.

Award-winning playwright, producer, copywriter, journalist, screenwriter and filmmaker Jim Ellis – a founder of Legacy Productions – is dedicated to uplifting our society and communities through the creative arts. An imaginative writer embracing a higher purpose to share the lessons of healing, freedom and love, Jim is an author of six books, 20-plus plays, 100 film/video productions and countless articles, columns and poems. His work is to serve the community and his creative muse through continuing the legacy of Legacy Productions.


Imagine a world in which a society works and lives as one – knowing of the interconnected nature of us all, realizing our own individual power that supports the collective power we hold together. Imagine a world wherein spouses, partners, siblings, families consciously choose the quality of their relationships and then enjoy the type of legacy they wish to leave behind for their children and their children’s children. Imagine a world where people – healed of a past filled with estrangement – realize their true divine natures and act accordingly to a newly discovered unity. Imagine a world where males and females embrace their differences and work together in order to maintain successful relationships, not only for their own happiness but also for the well-being of their offspring. These visions motivate us. Our contribution will be the stories we tell in the many modes of communication, found in an ever-changing and ever-connected world.

Through the production of promotional and entertaining videos / films, documentaries, plays and experiential fun events, Legacy Productions supports and showcases the lifework of people making a powerful difference in the world, and in so doing brings to the forefront all the light and illumination we all hold within.


Legacy Productions had its initial birth in May 2000 outside the Sledgehammer Theater in San Diego when Jim Ellis embraced director Christiane Covington and actor Max Macke and yelped in agreement, “OK, let’s make a movie!!!” Not knowing what the hell that meant, Jim was later astounded how much energy, time, effort and MONEY it took to create a film. But move ahead they all did.

Christiane – a director and writer spending time between Hollywood and San Diego – was the one who saw Jim’s play “Legacies” in May and brought up the idea of making it into a film. And with the initial “yelp” and commitment, the two (along with actor Max who was in both play and film) started work on creating a short film. After a 10-day shoot in January of 2001 with a crew of 30, the post production took us through the year to bring forth the “Legacies” Premiere at the prestigious La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art in August 2001. The evening was magical: an overflowing, sold-out audience, searchlights, limousines, a red carpet entrance and people dressed up for the Oscars.

With such a splashy beginning, the energy and drive led the two to continue creating and dreaming about uplifting productions and “healing media.”

Though we all experienced the devastating loss of Christiane, who passed in May 2009, the dream is still alive. And forever it will be: Using our God-given creative gifts and “multi-media that matters” to uplift people, to show them a higher nature and to bring that nature to a community waking to unity, peace and freedom.